Bouckville, N.Y.- Madison Bouckville, that sleepy crossroads near the Mohawk celebrates its fiftieth year of antiques markets this summer with their June and August shadows. Begun by Jock Hengst with one field on one weekend in 1971, all to build business for the historic Landmark Tavern at the Route 20 crossroads in its first year there were about 40 dealers on one field. 

The weekend was so successful that in little more than five years the big field was approaching 1,000 exhibitors and there began a series of satellite fields. In the last year before the Covid pandemic there were more than 14 distinct fields crowding into this small area, between Syracuse and Hamilton, N.Y.  Due to the lost Covid summers, 2022 marks the fiftieth year. 

Nineteenth century country antique furnishings are easy pickings at Madison Bouckville’s two shows, spring June 3-5 and summer, August 15-21

Over the years names have changed, owners have retired and sold to fresh show managers, but the fields continue to be one of the country’s premier opportunities for finding great early American antiques. Among the larger fields, Cider House Antiques has been adding several features since being taken over by Jim and Ruth Dutcher a decade ago, including free parking, a large campground and very good food service. Out Front Show is on the road but is among the markets with a permanent building on site giving weather protection for the exhibitors. East Expo is only two booths deep from the street, but then it is about a quarter-mile long with several multi-dealer tents. Allan and Rachel Buyce bought Quakers Acres West in the late winter and are planning for at least 150 exhibitors with parking in the rear. 

In total there are 14 show fields all with free admission, but some do charge for parking. Typically, there are 2,000 dealers exhibiting for the Market week in August and only a bit fewer in June.

Specific show days are Friday through Sunday, June 3-5 and August 15-21, 2022. The day prior to each listed show date is a set-up day for the dealers, with some fields allowing shoppers to visit. Hotels for visitors and dealers are the chains in Utica and Syracuse as well as several in the nearby college town, Hamilton. This country crossroads is about 25 miles south of Syracuse and southwest of Utica. 

Contact information is listed for 12 of the show fields on the website with links to the individual show promoters for more information.